RhinoFAB 1400
RF1400 RhinoFAB 1400 Window Fabrication Center.
  • 4 Sided Drilling
  • 45 to 135 Degree Down Cut Miter Saw
  • Different Models available

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The RhinoFAB 1400 Machining Center takes window framing and sash material and pushes it through a fabrication center where it can drill or rout from the top, bottom, back and front to create fabrication holes and shapes and then a 45 to 135 degree downcut saw to trim or cut the product to the required size. There are 3 Models available:

  • RhinoFab 1400 Model 21-1: Single Drill per axis and moves on 2 axis.
  • RhinoFab 1400 Model 31-1: Single Drill per axis and moves on 3 axis for both drilling and routing.
  • RhinoFab 1400 Model 32-1: Dual independent Drills per axis and each moves on 2 axis.

American Made

Key Features:

  • 6 or 9 Axis CNC High Speed Drills
  • Drill from Front, Top, Bottom and Back Axis
  • 45 to 135 Degree Servo Controlled Down Cut Saw Built In
  • 16" Saw Blade
  • Automated Cutting and Drilling
  • Routing on some models with 3 axis drill movement
  • Swing Arm Mounted PC Control with Touch Screen
  • Independent Oil Misting System for Cutting and Drilling
  • Automatic Part Depth Drill Compensation

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