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Support for ATI Manufacturing Equipment

While we hope your experience is flawless with our manufacturing equipment. When it isn't, we offer you our award winning support team to troubleshoot issues that arise with the installation and /or usage of the equipment during its warranty period. Below are common issues and how you can fix them. We do offer extended support agreements and hourly support for out of warranty products, so please contact us for more information.

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If you are having problems with equipment purchased through ATI or the Glazier Center, please contact us.

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RhinoFAB Image Updates


Image Update Option: These updates will add or update image files to new image and cad files for the RhinoFAB.

How to use the .Zip files:
  1. Save the appropriate file.
  2. Extract all files to the folder.
  3. Run Update.exe to install the details and images onto your computer.
  4. Repeat for each catalog that you wish to update images for.

Rhino Images and CAD File Update

Date Created Vendor Download File
8/23/16 All Dies - RhinoFAB Download .ZIP Here

Support for Common Issues

Error Message

Error - File Corruption Error.


Security built into the software for new equipment to stop software and require unlock ocde to continue to use equipment.

Cleared when final equipment payment is received.

FIX: Call Us for the unlock code

Call us during business hours and as long as final payments for the equipment have been received, we will issue a permanent unlock code. This issue can trigger accidentally if the date and time is off on the computer running the equipment. Correct the date and time, then call us to re-unlock the software.

Error Message

Error - Cut size is wrong.


Cut size is directly affected by several values:

First: The file being imported could have the wrong cut size.

FIX: Correct the size and re-import cut list

Second: The HOME calibration value is wrong, the sticks will be all off by the difference between the actual home distance and the entered home distance.

FIX: Re-Home the machine and measure the distance from the saw blade to the edge of the positioner arm and correct the value on the screen.

Third: The timing belt can be loose, causing the actual distance moved to be different from the motors percieved movement.

FIX: Remove the 4 rubber hole covers on the far end of the rail and use an alan wrench to tighten the flywheel for the timing belt.

Fourth: The size is right close to the saw, but grows out of tolerance as it moves away. Caused by flywheel being loose, or (rare) calibration value being wrong for the motor, or rail is not level.

FIX: Use the fix above for the timing belt, check the levelness of the rail across the whole of the rail and adjust where necessary, or contact us to help with motor calibration.

Error Message

Error - Software starts in Demo Mode.


If we cannot see the controller that communicates between the computer and the equipment, the software will start in DEMO MODE.

Cleared when final equipment payment is received.

FIX: Troubleshoot Causes

Check for equipment being powered on and that the cables have not come loose, check that the emergency stop button(s) are not engaged. Restart the software to test if it can connect to the equipment, if it still shows Demo Mode, contact us for more in depth diagnostics.

Remote Assistance

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  • Phone: (480) 985-4926

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